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Cool World Aircon is an established aircon servicing company / contractor based in Singapore that specializes in various aircon services. We are well trained in different brands of air con service and aircon repair for both residential and commercial premises. Our services include aircon installation, chemical cleaning, yearly maintenance contract and more.
Cool World Aircon Engineering Pte Ltd,is also a home grow air conditioner company that specializes in providing aircon servicing,aircon installation,aircon repair for singapore consumer. We also provide excellence and professionalism in rendering our aircon services to our residential and commercial clients. We are committed to providing the best aircon services to meet every budget and needs with highly trained in-house aircon installations by establishing successful partnership with our clients and by upholding their trust, delivering requirements, and maintaining good customer relations even after project completion. We carry a lots of aircon brand - Mitsubishi Aircon, Daikin Aircon, Panasonic Aircon, Toshiba Aircon, Europace Aircon, Samsung Aircon, LG Aircon, Midea Aircon, York Aircon, Fujitsu Aircon and TCL Portable Aircon.
At Cool World Aircon we believe that there is more to being a successful aircon service company / contractor than providing our customers with quality products. The reputation we have built over the last 8 years is based on much more than the high quality of our air con service.
Aircon servicing deals There is no bigger responsibility than providing clean breathable air to our customers. At Cool World Aircon, we understand the importance of providing excellent after sales service. We provide competitive aircon servicing and contract maintenance prices as well as affordable aircon repair services. Further discounts are available through regular deals and promotions. We run these promotions in conjunction with our business partners. Please visit our Aircon Services page for current promotions.For other info on aircon servicing, please contact our hotline 6710 4596.
Aircon Installation There are a few things to consider if you are thinking about a new installation. First, you need to calculate the required cooling capacity .Second, look at the systems on offer and decide what brand and unit you prefer. Please visit our aircon promotion page for more products information. You can then compare the prices and features of your desired units. Our vast array of offerings can be overwhelming. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on selecting the right system for your air-cooling needs.
Air Conditioner unit repairs Sometimes air conditioner units break down, it happens. We have the training and experience to resolve any issues that may pop up with minimum hassle. We will check your system and diagnose any faults. We can fix pretty much anything that can go wrong with an air conditioning unit. It doesn't matter if your air conditioner is leaking, or if it simply needs a service or chemical wash. We solve it all.Our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction is such that we are not happy until you are completely satisfied. We believe this makes us the number one choice for aircon in Singapore.We have more than 10 over years experience on air con service include normal air con service, chemical service, chemical overhaul, condenser normal service and chemical service; and specialist on all type aircon installation, repair and maintenance.Our team have very good reputation with good responsibility and excellent work job done.
Aircon Normal Services Benefits: Keep your air con clean. From S$30 Job Scope: -Clean up the water tray and fan blower -Wipe the Coil -Suck the drain pipe -Wash the Filter -Check the Gas Pressure
Aircon Chemical Services Benefits: Remove Odor, Bacteria and Dirt. From S$80 Job Scope: -Use Chemical Solution wash the water tray, fan blower and Coil -Suck the drain pipe -Wash the Filter -Check the Gas Pressure
Aircon Chemical Overhaul Services Benefits: Remove Odor, Bacteria & Dirt THOROUGHLY From S$150 Job Scope: -Dismantle the whole indoor unit -Use Chemical Solution wash the water tray, fan blower and Coil -Suck the drain pipe -Wash the Filter -Check the Gas Pressure

new aircon installation

New Aircon Installation with warranty
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Aircon Servicing At Only $30 Per Unit

Aircon Chemical Washing At Only $150 Per Unit

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Aircon Servicing Contract

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Spare Parts and Aircon Repair

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